Some Very Sad news

Our Christmas Charity 2021 Went to Isla Caton. Unfortunately Isla lost her battle on Tuesday 25 January 2022.

She had been fighting stage 4 Neuroblastoma cancer for almost 5 of her years on earth. She had countless treatment from chemotherapy, radiotherapy, two stem cell transplants, amounts of bone marrow taken from her.

Also brain surgery as well as a 12 hour op to remove the main tumour. She had immunotherapy and MIBG therapy as well as so so much more they could have filled the page up and still needed more room. We were told in 2018 that Isla had 3 months to live so her parents sold everything they had and raised a lot of money and took Isla to Barcelona for life saving treatment, they stayed in Spain for 2 years fighting but when covid hit they had to return home, they were trying to find the right trial in the UK. They then decided to spend time making sure Isla had the most wonderful life and to make as many amazing memories as they could instead of fundraising for medical costs as they felt it was time to give Isla as much happiness as humanly possible – “if anyone deserves it, it's our baby girl x”

Isla was a real life superhero 

Isla's mother Nicola Caton launched a fundraising campaign in May 2017 to help pay for her daughter's care which received support from the likes of boxer Tyson Fury, rapper Guvna B, Danny Dyer.

West Ham United led tributes saying they were 'left heartbroken'

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